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Director of Communications

The Director of Communications will oversee all communications involving the TAPPI YP Division, including the development and implementation of a communications strategy and a diverse range of content for all TAPPI platforms and channels.

The key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Design & execute an annual communications strategy for the YP Division that supports the overall goals of the Division. 
  • Manage the YP Division website keeping content fresh and up to date. 
  • Create and distribute the YP quarterly newsletter covering all news and happenings across the division.
  • Partner with the Director of Events and other event organizers to create event-specific content and advertising.
  • Partner with TAPPI staff to feature YP content on TAPPI’s website and social media channels regularly, especially surrounding YP Division events and activities.
  • Create & write content, including articles, press releases, and member features for TAPPI publications. 
  • Work with TAPPI staff to design and write any Division marketing materials.

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Director of Division Relations

The Director of Division Relations will help build connections between the YP Division and the other TAPPI divisions in order to improve YP engagement across TAPPI.

The key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Educate YP members about TAPPI’s various divisions.
  • Provide opportunities for YP’s to connect with TAPPI’s technical divisions and TAPPI members on the same career path.
  • Collaborate with volunteers in leadership positions across TAPPI’s divisions to help them engage young professionals in division activities and events.
  • Work with the Director of Membership to boost retention of YP members by helping them find their “future home” in TAPPI once they age out of the YP Division.

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Get Involved with an Industry-Specific Division

Your TAPPI Membership also gives you connections and resources through the industry-specific divisions below, all of which provide a variety of focused products, services, and opportunities including publications, events, online discussions, technical interest groups, councils, and committees. Already a YP member? You can be a member of more than one division, in fact, it's encouraged to get involved in your industry-specific group while you are a YP so that you start building your network right away. 

Below are some opportunities with TAPPI Divisions that are actively seeking volunteers. 


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