Mentor Match

Why Participate in TAPPI's Mentor Match Program? 

TAPPI Connect's Mentor Match unites mentors and protégés in the paper, pulp, and packaging industry to share resources and experiences while working together to achieve professional and personal goals. Mentor Match will offer flexibility and creativity for professional development. Participating in a mentorship program offers a variety of benefits for both the mentor and the protégé. 

Benefits of being a Mentor

  • Reinforce and expand your knowledge 
  • Exercise your problem solving and leadership skills
  • Gain a sense of satisfaction knowing you are helping to shape and influence the next generation of the paper, pulp, and packaging workforce

Benefits of being a Protégé

  • Expand industry knowledge or soft skills
  • Gain valuable advice from a more experienced person
  • Build your professional network

"Finding a mentor through TAPPI Connect has been a game-changer for me. Books, seminars, training courses, and search engines are all great resources to gain knowledge from, but they can't celebrate your wins with you or guide you through situations in real-time with wisdom you can only get through lived experiences. My mentor's support, guidance, and cheerleading have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth."
- Jessi Spadaccino, protégé since 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in Mentor Match?

Mentor Match is open to any current TAPPI member or nonmember. You must be logged in to participate. If you don't already have a Connect login, you can register.


What is the time commitment for the Mentor Match program? 

TAPPI recommends that a mentor meet with their protégé one hour per month for one year, however, it is up to each mentor and protégé pair to decide how frequently and how long the partnership will last.


If I am enrolled as a protégé in the program, can I also mentor?

Yes. Mentors are encouraged to be protégés and protégés are encouraged to mentor as long as the individual meets all of the program requirements. 


When can I sign up?

Mentors and protégés can signup anytime! The program is open year-round. 


Does a match have to be local?

No. Thanks to TAPPI Connect, members from across the globe can easily communicate by whatever method works best for them: through TAPPI Connect, phone, video conferencing software, or email.


What if my Match doesn't work out?

No problem. If you and your match decide not to continue, you can reach out to another mentor/protégé of your choice by selecting the 'Click Here to send me a request button on their profile.  


Can I match again once my mentor/protégé relationship is done?

Yes! All you have to do is search the online directory again and you can match with another individual that is a part of the program. Protégés are also encouraged to become mentors once they meet all of the Mentor Match program requirements.