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Join a Committee

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with the TAPPI YP division committees below. If you are a student or YP member of TAPPI, please fill out this interest form, and someone will contact you shortly!

Event Committees: There are a variety of sub-committees that work to develop and execute YP networking activities and educational sessions at the following TAPPI events; PaperCon, PEERS, TissueCon, The Nano Division Conference, Student Summit, and CorrWeek/SuperCorr. If you're interested in volunteering to be a member of an event planning sub-committee, please specify which one you are interested in joining. 

Content Committee: This committee's main purpose is to create content relevant to students and young professionals for a variety of digital and print publications, including the YP website and newsletter and TAPPI CONNECT. Members of this committee also collaborate with other TAPPI members and divisions to create content for TAPPI publications. 

Social Media Content Committee: The main focus of this committee is to generate a cache of seed questions for TAPPI's social media platform, TAPPI CONNECT. Members of this committee also spend time answering forum questions in CONNECT, and building social media calendars around YP events and news. This committee also collaborates with the Content Committee to produce content for TAPPI's Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. 

Webinar Committee: Members of this committee work to develop topics and content, find sponsors, and arrange speakers for the YP webinar series. 

Member Integration/Retention Committee: This committee works with the TAPPI staff to develop campaign ideas, and monitor the campaign progress to increase YP membership. 

Division Integration Committee: The main purpose of this committee is to develop ways to introduce and connect YPs to other technical divisions and committees. 

Join the YP Division Leadership Council 

Please fill out an interest form for more information.

Join an Industry-Specific Division

Your TAPPI Membership also gives you connections and resources through the industry-specific divisions below, all of which provide a variety of focused products, services, and opportunities including publications, events, online discussions, technical interest groups, councils, and committees. Already a YP member? You can be a member of more than one division, in fact, it's encouraged to get involved in your industry-specific group while you are a YP so that you start building your network right away. Sign up here

  • Coating and Graphic Arts
  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Engineering
  • International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion
  • Nanotechnology
  • NET (Nonwoven)
  • Paper and Board
  • PIMA Management
  • Process and Product Quality
  • Process Control
  • Pulp Manufacture
  • Tissue
  • Women in Industry

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