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Mentor Requirements

A mentor is a trusted adviser within a TAPPI associated industry with at least one year of industry experience who will support a protégé through achieving a professional or personal goal. The mentor will share and receive resources, advice, and teachings with a protégé. Becoming a mentor through TAPPI's mentorship program can reinforce your knowledge, exercise your problem-solving and leadership skills, and give you a sense of satisfaction knowing you are helping shape and influence the next generation of the paper and packaging workforce.

Mentors must...

  • have strong communication skills, the ability to problem-solve, and should be reasonably accessible and flexible for the duration of the program
  • have a minimum of 1 year of experience working in the paper, pulp, and packaging industry 
  • commit to an agreed-upon schedule for meeting with their Protégé (TAPPI recommends that a mentor meet with their protégé one hour per month for one year)
  • provide guidance and assistance through project-based, career-oriented, and/or volunteer mentorship
  • take on no more than 2-3 TAPPI protégés at one time

Getting Started is Easy (and Free)!

Once you have reviewed the program requirements above and are ready to participate in the Mentor Match program, follow the simple steps below to get started. 

1. Sign up for TAPPI CONNECT (you do not need to be an active member of TAPPI to register for a TAPPI CONNECT account). 

2. Submit an application through TAPPI Connect as a mentor. Fill out the application and your regular Connect profile with as much information as possible in order to increase your chances of finding a great match. 

3. Once the application is submitted, you will be added to the mentor directory on TAPPI Connect. 

4. Be on the lookout for a response through TAPPI Connect. When a protégé is interested in working with you, they will reach out to find out if there is mutual interest by using the "Send me a Request" button on your Connect profile. 

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