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Protégé Requirements

A protégé in TAPPI's Mentor Match program is a professional of any experience level or age who is seeking additional career support and guidance from an industry professional (mentor) with more experience. Becoming a protégé through TAPPI's mentorship program can expand your industry knowledge and soft skills, help you gain valuable industry-specific advice, and build your professional network. 

Protégés must...

  • be goal-oriented, motivated, and willing to listen and learn
  • be the ones to facilitate the partnership and reach out to Mentors
  • establish clear objectives for the mentor/protégé relationship
  • commit to an agreed-upon schedule
  • only have one TAPPI mentor at a time

Getting Started is Easy (and Free)!

Once you have reviewed the program requirements above and are ready to participate in the Mentor Match program, follow the simple steps below to get started. 

1. Sign up for TAPPI CONNECT (you do not need to be an active member of TAPPI to register for a TAPPI CONNECT account). 

2. Submit an application through TAPPI Connect as a protégé

3. Once the application is submitted, you will be added to the protégé directory on TAPPI Connect. You can then view and sort through the mentor profiles to find a TAPPI mentor. 

Not sure what to look for in a mentor? Years of training or experience don’t necessarily define a good mentor. Look for the following qualities when reaching out to or interviewing mentor candidates:

  • Strong Communicator 
  • Reasonably Accessible
  • Trustworthy
  • Motivational/Goal-Oriented
  • Open-Minded/Teachable

4. When you find someone you are interested in working with, you can then reach out to find out if there is mutual interest by using the "Send me a Request" button on their profile. TAPPI aims to keep mentor profiles statuses updated, but if you don't hear back from your prospect in a timely manner, feel free to reach out to others in the directory. 

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Need more help getting started with Mentor Match? Watch this tutorial video.